The Most Enticing Place To Go Through The “Do Not Enter” Sign

tel aviv beach high waves

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Restless Sea Meets Frowning Sky in Jaffa

tel aviv jaffa skyline jaffa

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This Island has a “cover charge”

private island in monte negroThis beautiful island is owned by two individuals. There is a fairly high fee to enter the island through that one road that connects it with the main land Monte Negro.

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A bar that’s truly by the beach – Cafe Buza

cafe buza in old town dubrovnikCafe Buza, located in Old Town, Duborvnik,┬áis considered by some as one of the coolest bars in the world. I think one glance at this incredible venue, that takes the concept “by the beach” to the new level is enough to belive that.

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Who said that segals don’t have deep thoughts?

Segal having alone time and “thinking” at Lake Park…segal at lake park in San Francisco

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Dolphins in the Fountain downtown Monterey

Besides being beautiful animals which appear to have a constant smile on their face, this picture reminds us that a dolphin is one of the few, if not the only animal, that look like fish, makes much more noise than a fish, and seems to be able to both swim underwater and fly.
dolphins in the fountain in monterey

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Cascading Water on a Rock at Levi’s Plaza

Capturing moving water in a way that would convey its dramatic effect is particularly challenging at night, but is well worth the effort. Levi’s Plaza park is a wonderful and somewhat underrated place to take a walk late at night.
levi's plaza cascading water in a rock in San Francisco

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