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The Most Enticing Place To Go Through The “Do Not Enter” Sign


Restless Sea Meets Frowning Sky in Jaffa

This Island has a “cover charge”

This beautiful island is owned by two individuals. There is a fairly high fee to enter the island through that one road that connects it with the main land Monte Negro.

A bar that’s truly by the beach – Cafe Buza

Cafe Buza, located in Old Town, Duborvnik,┬áis considered by some as one of the coolest bars in the world. I think one glance at this incredible venue, that takes the concept “by the beach” to the new level is enough to belive that.

Who said that segals don’t have deep thoughts?

Segal having alone time and “thinking” at Lake Park…

Dolphins in the Fountain downtown Monterey

Besides being beautiful animals which appear to have a constant smile on their face, this picture reminds us that a dolphin is one of the few, if not the only animal, that look like fish, makes much more noise than a fish, and seems…

Cascading Water on a Rock at Levi’s Plaza

Capturing moving water in a way that would convey its dramatic effect is particularly challenging at night, but is well worth the effort. Levi’s Plaza park is a wonderful and somewhat underrated place to take a walk late at night.