Category: Sky

Almost Full Moon Above Tel Aviv


Restless Sea Meets Frowning Sky in Jaffa

Moon Bathing in Clouds At Night

Sunset at Cuesta Park

Dramatic Sky and Moon Over TransAmerica Pyramid

Dramatic Sky Over Kolomenkiy Park in Moscow

Tokyo Bay View During Summer at 4:30 am

God’s Message Over Fatima’s Church?

I am not sure what God was trying to say by creating this kind of dark skyline over the Fatima church, and I don’t know if we are supposed to know, but its looks pretty powerful.

Dramatic Skyline Over Lisbon: Light v Darkness

Rarely do you see so much sun and so many dark clouds at the same time as you could one October afternoon in Lisbon.

Dolphins in the Fountain downtown Monterey

Besides being beautiful animals which appear to have a constant smile on their face, this picture reminds us that a dolphin is one of the few, if not the only animal, that look like fish, makes much more noise than a fish, and seems…

The Marina at Sundawn

Sundawn in the Marina District (on Laguna St., between Chestnut and Bay) creates an interesting gold-like reflection on the windows facing West.   

Sunset in New York City – Dramatic Sky

The sunset in New York City can be accompanied by an incredibly dramatic sky.