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A Peacock Bench


God’s Message Over Fatima’s Church?

I am not sure what God was trying to say by creating this kind of dark skyline over the Fatima church, and I don’t know if we are supposed to know, but its looks pretty powerful.

Dramatic Skyline Over Lisbon: Light v Darkness

Rarely do you see so much sun and so many dark clouds at the same time as you could one October afternoon in Lisbon.

This Island has a “cover charge”

This beautiful island is owned by two individuals. There is a fairly high fee to enter the island through that one road that connects it with the main land Monte Negro.

A bar that’s truly by the beach – Cafe Buza

Cafe Buza, located in Old Town, Duborvnik,┬áis considered by some as one of the coolest bars in the world. I think one glance at this incredible venue, that takes the concept “by the beach” to the new level is enough to belive that.

That time of the day… (Paris, near Pereire Metro)

I find that time of the day right about when the sun starts “thinking” of going down to be magical, producing unique colors on and off the sky which are hard to explain with words, but one can feel them when he sees them….